Why do I need to sit the CSCS Test?

Construction Skills Certificate Scheme (CSCS) helps professionals in the construction industry to get employment. You have to sit the CSCS test in order to get a CSCS card which will help you in getting a job. Many construction groups require a CSCS certificate in order to employ you. Employers make sure that they employ those with card in order to ensure high quality work provided by professional.

On many construction sites you need to have a CSCS card in order to be granted a permit to work. If you’re a Bricklayer, Plant Operative, Carpenter, General Tradesman, or a professional staff you need to have CSCS card.

The law and CSCS

CSCS card are issued upon passing the CSCS test. There is no legal standing that requires one to have the card. People can still work without the card but many of the constructors sites will not allow you to operate without one. Although the law does not require people to have the card, major contractors groups have made it mandatory, and they check and ask those working to produce the card before entering in the work site.

Why having a CSCS will help you get work

Currently, the CSCS card is a “passport to employment” in construction industry. Potential employees gain confidence with contractors if they are CSCS card holders. Many contractors check if a potential employee is a CSCS card holder before offering them a position. The card enables the employers to have confidence with the people providing the services.

Advantages of CSCS card

Being a CSCS card holder is proof to any potential employer or contractor that you are a competant individual capable of carrying out your profession on a construction site without fear for your safety or the safety of others. Without having a CSCS you may struggle to obtain work within the construction industry and on a construction site.