Why do I need a CSCS Card?

If you are thinking about venturing into the construction industry, it is important that you consider getting yourself a CSCS card. You are probably wondering; why do you need a CSCS card? Well, one of the main reasons why you should get yourself one is that, it will better your chances of securing a job at construction sites. However, it is very important for you to understand the types of CSCS cards that are available in order for you to choose the one that is ideal for you.

The increased number of accidents at construction sites led the UK government to think about the various possibilities that can help to reduce the loss of human lives. One of the possibilities was the introduction of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) in the year 1995. In the beginning, this certification was not mandatory, but later it became a crucial certificate for all construction workers. In order for a worker to obtain a CSCS card, he/she is required to undergo a test.

You might be wondering; what does the CSCS card prove? Well, the type of card that a construction worker holds generally certifies and proves that he/she has enough professional skills to work in the construction industry at a specific level.

Benefits of a CSCS card

Firstly, holding a SCSC card proves that you are competent enough to work at a certain level in the construction sector. The good thing is that the CSCS card is easy to obtain. There are many centres in which the construction workers can obtain a CSCS card, all you need to do is complete a test. Filling in the registration form is also easy and it does not take too long for the a card to be issued in your name.

The main benefit to the construction industry is that the process of obtaining this card requires construction workers to undergo a test. This is an opportunity for the workers themselves to learn about Health and Safety in order to reduce the possibility of a work related injury.

Besides the construction workers being safe while working at construction sites, residents too can have peace of mind knowing that the buildings that they reside in are professionally constructed.

Cases of collapsed buildings and unnecessary accidents have been reduced greatly, all thanks to this process of certifying construction workers. No one would like to have an unqualified worker to construct a building in which he or she intends to live in or do business in. Therefore, if you do not hold a CSCS card, don’t be surprised when you are refused to work at any construction site.

It is important for any budding construction worker to obtain a CSCS card, not only for you to be able to secure a job easily in the construction industry, but for your own safety and the safety of everyone involved.