What is the CSCS test?

Working in the construction industry is a serious career choice. Individuals that work in this field must be qualified and up to the challenge. One of the ways of proving your qualifications is through sitting for the . By passing this test, one becomes eligible for a CSCS card in relation to their current occupation in construction. However, not many people are familiar with what the CSCS test involves. Is it an easy test to pass? Do you need to have some special requirements taken care of before sitting for the test?

The CSCS test is a standardized test that was formulated by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. This scheme was formed in 1995 with the aim of improving the efficiency of the field of construction in the United Kingdom. As such, construction employees are required to go through sufficient training before they can set foot on construction sites. The CSCS training aims to make individuals familiar with safety procedures in construction sites and be aware of safe working practices. Once the training is complete, one is required to sit for the CSCS test. Sitting this test is what will prove whether you fully grasp what you were trained on. It will also prove that you are qualified for your job.

So what does the CSCS test entail? The first thing that you should know is that the format of the CSCS test is multiple choices. One will not be required to write rambling essays about their knowledge on construction site health and safety. The test features multiple choice questions and is administered via a touch screen computer. The CSCS test that one individual will sit or will vary from another individual. This is because the tests are formulated depending on the type of CSCS card that you are applying for. Therefore, people applying for the same card will sit for the same test whereas people applying for different CSCS cards will sit for different tests. However, there will be some basic questions that will be asked across the board hat are mandatory for all construction workers to be aware of.

The CSCS test is allotted 45 minutes. This does not mean that you need to sit for the entire three quarters of the hour though. In the event that you complete your test early and are confident with your answers, you are free to leave the examination room. A common misconception that people make about the CSCS test is that it is a walk in the park. The only way that you can guarantee to be comfortable with the test is if you are confident with your construction knowledge. Do not underestimate the test as there have been people that have sat for it and failed meaning they could not get their CSCS cards.

When going for your CSCS test, ensure that you carry some passport photos that will be used for your CSCS card. You should also have your booking confirmation number with you as well as some form of identification such as your driver’s license or a valid passport.