What is CSCS?

CSCS stands for the Construction Skills Certification Scheme. This scheme was established in the mid-nineties to ensure the construction industry’s needs are being met. It is a card scheme that will cover a majority of the occupations that comprise the construction industry. Its main aim is to improve upon the capability as well as the safety of construction site employees. The increased competency that the scheme has brought about has played a leading role in the reduction of construction site related accidents. Thus, it protects both the employers as well as the employees in this field. As such, the efficiency on the construction sites in the United Kingdom has increased.

There is a range of CSCS cards that individuals can apply for. Typically, the card that one applies for will depend on their qualifications, their skill set as well as the current position they old in the construction industry. There are over one and a half million members in the CSCS covering approximately 220 different occupations.

One thing to note about the CSCS cards is that they are deemed mandatory at construction sites. The cards are valid for a period of three to five years. This validity period will depend on the type of card that one holds. Currently, contractors as well as clients will now ask employees for proof of competency before they can gain any access to a construction site. As such, not having CSCS membership can cost one a large number of job opportunities.

Having a CSCS card will act as proof of the qualifications that you have. Having the card also proves that you passed the CSCS health and safety test. As aforementioned, there is a range of that individuals can apply for. These cards are colour graded in accordance to one’s occupation, the type of training one has received, the qualifications one has as well as the experience that one has garnered over the years. In order to successfully apply for a CSCS card, an individual will be require to prove that they are indeed qualified for the occupational level that they have chosen.

There are numerous levels for CSCS card qualification. For example, green and black cards will be used for levels 2 all the way to level 7. These levels will differ in occupation as well as qualification. For instance, a level 2 site operative will typically have a blue card that will be valid for a period of five years. On the other hand, a level 3 site supervisor will carry a gold card and this card will be valid for a period of five years. Black cards tend to be handed out to site management employees that have attained level six qualifications.

So what does one need to apply for the CSCS card? For one, you need to have proof of your competence for the position you are applying for, as these qualifications are what will determine the colour of your card. Secondly, one would be required to pass the CSCS test.