Types of CSCS Test

CSCS means construction skills certification scheme which involve various tests with basic questions that need to be answered correctly in order to acquire a CSCS card. Actually this card is supposed to show or identify a person is eligible and competent in performing his or her job. In addition to this, this card also may contain some lists showing any relevant qualifications or certificates. Apart from this information, this card also shows that a person has really passed a test on health and safety. For this reason therefore, there is the need to look at the different kinds of these test and try to distinguish them from the other.

Some of the main CSCS Cards include the red trainee card, the green CSCS card also called operatives card, the blue CSCS skill card, the gold CSCS supervisor or the advanced craft card, the black CSCS managers card, the yellow CSCS frequent visitor card and the white CSCS construction related occupation card. All these card stand for specific purposes.

One of the most common CSCS test is one that tries to test on the construction skills on health, safety and the environment. Actually this test is supposed to qualify one in acquiring almost all the card mention here above. This test is always made of about 35 questions containing several choices and in most cases the one answering them is usually given about 45 minute to complete the test mainly by the use of the a computer that is touch screen. This test usually has a section with compulsory area mainly on issues concerning health and safety. When answering the question in this test, it is always important to focus on those areas concerning construction and occupation.

The other type of CSCS test is one that test supervisor health, environment and safety. In order to acquire a gold supervisor CSCS card, it is a requirement to undertake this test and pass. Usually this test comprises of 50 questions with choices to choose from and the one taking it is always allocated about 45 minute to complete the whole set of questions. This test always touches mainly on those responsibilities of a supervisor mainly on health and safety issues when working in a construction site. Some of the questions might also try to seek for the roles of the supervisor in his or her job and many more areas.

The third type of CSCS test is one on managerial issues, professional health safety and also the environment. Actually the main purpose for this test is to acquire the black CSCS card. In some instant those applying for the yellow and the white CSCS card on professionally qualified person usually abbreviated as (PQP) may be required to also undertake this test for further assessments. Just like the other test, this one has about 50 questions that have various choices to choose from and one is always given about 45 minutes to complete the test. This test also focusses on those areas concerning the health and also the safety obligations of a manager in a construction based job. Actually when preparing for all these tests, it is important to know what kind of revision materials to look for. Some of the common revision materials include DVDs and some books.