Types of CSCS Card

CSCS stands for Nike Air Max 90 Billig Paypal Construction Skills Certification Scheme which is a construction workers “ticket” governed by a set of tests with basic questions that needs to be answered correctly in order to acquire a CSCS card. The card is proof of your identity and competence in performing your job in a safe manner. In addition to this your CSCS card also may contain information showing any relevant qualifications or certificates.

In total, there are 7 different CSCS Cards, each denoting a different level of experience:

  •  Yellow: Visitors with no actual construction skills.
  • Green: General construction employees.
  • Blue: Skilled craft workers.
  • Gold: Employees in an advanced Nike Roshe Two Flyknit Men’s supervisory role.
  • Red: Paris St Germain Soccer Jersey Trainees, graduates, experienced employees or supervisors.
  • Black: Managers.
  • White: Occupations related to the construction industry that is not covered by the other cards.

Each card has its own purpose.

In order to obtain a CSCS card for your profession you must pass the CSCS test. This test is made of about 35 questions containing several choices. These are displayed on a touch screen computer and an applicant is given about 45 minutes to complete the test.

In order to acquire a Gold Supervisors CSCS card there is a different health and safety test that one must complete and pass. Usually this test comprises of 50 questions with choices to choose from and 45 minutes is given to complete it. This test focuses on the responsibilities of a supervisor, his/her role on a construction site and related health and safety scenarios.

To obtain a Black CSCS card there is also a different test that applicants must complete and pass. Just like the Gold Supervisors CSCS test there are 50 questions to answer in approximately 45 minutes. The Black CSCS card test focuses on the role of a manager within the construction industry and questions centre around this and related health and safety issues.

Cost Of CSCS Test
One of the best things about the CSCS test is the affordability. You can claim your card for just £30 including VAT. In fact, you may be lucky enough to have a company that pays for the cost of the card. However, you must also pay £17.50 for the Health, Safety and Environment Test.

Taking The CSCS Test
You will have 45 minutes to complete the test and you must try and answer as many questions as Nike Shox Oz Mens possible. As we have already mentioned, your test depends on the colour of CSCS Card you are applying for. You will complete the test on a touch screen computer. Supervisors and managers can expect to face a few scenarios and are expected to show managerial qualities to solve the problems faced. There are a host of Golden Goose Starter Mujer online mock CSCS test questions which will help ensure you are not taken by surprise by what faces you.

Studying For The Test
It would be a grave mistake not to approach the CSCS test in a professional manner. It can be a difficult examination of your knowledge and if you fail to prepare adequately, you could be in for a nasty surprise. You can still avail of the old test books but there is also the option of learning via training CDs. Regardless of training material you choose, there should be a number of mock tests to practice with.

If you don’t pass the CSCS test and receive your card, you can almost forget about getting a job on a UK construction site. The card is seen as proof that you have the correct level of health and safety training and without it, construction companies will be unwilling to take a chance Cheap Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 because they can ill-afford to have employees that are not properly trained.