How do you get a CSCS card?

Familiarising yourself with the process of getting a CSCS card can seem overwhelming to a number of people. This comes as no surprise considering that there is a wide range of cards to choose from and a multitude of different occupations in the construction field. As such, many individuals are not sure about what would be the right procedure in getting themselves CSCS certified.

On this page we will show you the different steps that are involved in getting a CSCS card.

The first thing that one should do is establish what type of CSCS card would be right for them. The appropriate card would depend on the job position that you hold. For instance, normal site operatives would qualify for the green cards, which are made specifically for this type of position. On the other hand, managers and other skilled workers will have been accorded their own respective cards.

Once you have determined what CSCS card would be most appropriate for your line of work, you then have to sit for the . This test is used to examine your skill level as well as your knowledge base on health and safety at construction sites. Taking the test is mandatory if you intend to get a CSCS card so it would be pertinent to ensure that you pass the test. There are two options available to applicants when it comes to applying for the CSCS card.

Option 1 – Using a third party: For the first option, third party companies can offer you advice as well as support in the process of applying for the CSCS card. The companies that work as third parties in the application process have garnered years of experience with this procedure. As such, they can offer their services to anyone working in the field of construction whether you are new to the industry or if you are a veteran.

Third party companies will guide you systematically through the application process including helping you make a decision on what card would be best for you to lending a hand in filling out the application forms for the CSCS card. Making use of third party companies is a convenient option for people who do not have time to sort out the entire procedure on their own. One thing to note though is that you will be charged for these services. The cost of having a third party company do this for you will vary as every organization will price their services differently. Before you select a third party company to help you with the application process, ensure that you know what the overall cost will be as well as the scope of services that they will offer you.

Option 2 – Call an agent: The second option would involve speaking to an agent who will ask you for your personal information. This information will include your name, address, date of birth and so on. The agent will then converse with you about your current position in the construction industry as well as your prior experience. This will enable them to figure out what type of CSCS card would be best suited for your needs.