CSCS Test Centres

A list of CSCS test centres in the UK.

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) is one of the most important qualifications for anyone looking to work within one of the UK’s many construction sites. The CSCS test was first developed in 1995 by major shareholders in the industry as a means of improving the standards of safety and reducing accidents. They knew that lack of knowledge when it came to health and safety led not only to accidents and compensation claims, but also a loss of production.

How Many Test Centres Are There?

At the last count, there were more than 1.75 million CSCS cardholders in the UK. To receive your qualification, it is necessary to complete the full CSCS test which can only be taken after passing the health, safety and environment test. Fortunately, there are an incredible number of CSCS test centres located all over the UK. There are several hundred CSCS test centres with reputable providers such as VERITAS having access to more than 350 such centres. The top service providers book approximately 50 CSCS tests each per day. These organisations allow you to quickly and easily book your test online, thus reducing stress.

Centres & Waiting Periods

Believe it or not, it is possible to be taking the test as little as 3 days after making the booking depending on who you book with and where you are located. As there are so many test centres dotted around the UK, it is extremely easy to book a test centre located close to your home.

Preparation & Testing

The majority of service providers enable you to utilise their resources which includes access to study material and mock tests. The actual CSCS test lasts just 45 minutes though you can leave once you have answered the 45 questions. You don’t need any computer skills whatsoever because you simply touch the screen to answer each question. As long as you are applying for the correct CSCS card, the test itself is not that difficult because it relates to your everyday experiences on a construction site. However, it is important to have knowledge on general construction health and safety issues. There are a host of training CDs and training books available to help you get prepared.

When taking the test, ensure that you have booked a CSCS testing centre close to your home or workplace. As there are so many to choose from, this shouldn’t be a difficult task as the centres are easy to find online. In the unlikely event that you fail the CSCS test, you can retake it as often as you need to. The test is not designed to ‘trick’ you or hit you with unexpected surprises. In many cases, the answers to the questions are plain common sense.

If you are seeking a career in the construction industry within the UK but have not yet received your CSCS card, apply today to one of the many CSCS testing centres in Britain. It should only take a few minutes to book the test in a convenient location and receiving your card makes you eligible for employment on a construction site.